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John Legend - All Of Me (Tiësto Remix)
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John Legend — All of Me (Tiesto Remix)

Remixing it into Kev’s 30th birthday weekend…

If you happen to be in downtown Boston tomorrow afternoon & you see a group of super fun/obnoxious/loud people at a couple of dive bars, come and say hi!  Extra points if you buy the birthday peeps a shot! :)

Happy Friday, friends!

Okay I just have to say this, you have extremely odd taste in music.
My coworker after I have spent the past week blaring a mixture between old school Disney & Broadway.
Thursday Things
  • I have been super out of whack this week with keeping track of days.  All day yesterday, I thought it was Thursday which led me to waking up this AM and thinking it was Friday.  Um, newsflash- it’s not.  The. Worst.
  • On the bright side, next week I am only working three days.  I have Monday off to cheer on the marathoners & Friday off to head to NYC with my mom to celebrate her birthday.  Wahoo!!
  • Everything for hosting Easter seems to be falling into place.  Every room in our house is finally completely organized & cleaned.  I went to the grocery store yesterday to pick up some appetizer essentials.  We are going to BJ’s tonight to pick up booze, soda, & waters.  Saturday AM I am picking up the catering from Roche Brothers & my mom is picking up the desserts from the bakery.  So it looks like on Sunday all I will have to do is pop the food into the oven & buy ice for the beverages.  Starting to get excited!
  • Saturday is Kevin’s 30th Birthday “dive bar” crawl!  I am so freaking excited to celebrate Kev (and Emmy & Pete)'s dirty thirty with our friends!  The weather forecast looks fab & my best friend is coming home from NYC to celebrate with us as well so it should be an all around amazing day!
  • I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather in NYC next weekend.  My mom and I have a lot on our docket including but not limited to: tickets to Aladdin & Les Miserables, walking the High Line, visiting the Brooklyn Bridge, shopping in Soho, a run in Central Park, a Soul Cycle class, and visiting the Top of the Rock (courtesy of my awesome sister, Kelly!).  My mom is really only familiar with the Times Square portion of Manhattan so it will be fun to explore other parts of the city with her!  NYC Tumblrs: Any other fun recs for food or activities?
  • My favorite pizza place (Town Spa) recently started selling their sauce bottled up.  I bought some and made pizza with it last night.  It was so easy and so awesome!  Kevin & I are sort of picky about our pizza sauce (no chunks!) and I have had a hard time finding a store bought sauce that we enjoyed, so I think that this will be our new staple.
  • Plans are in motion for a lunch/drinks date with Kelly when she comes to town in the middle of May.  I am so freakin excited to finally meet one of my favorite Tumblrs in real life!!

Happy Thursday, ya’ll!  We’re almost there!

A question for all you fabulous moms out there….

What was the best & most practical gift you received right after your little nugget was born?

One year ago today, I was standing mere feet from where the bombs detonated & changed our city forever (written about here).  Yesterday, to pay tribute & show some remembrance to all of those who were affected much more deeply than we were- my mom & I visited the marathon exhibit at the Boston Public Library.

It was quite the surreal experience looking through all of the mementos & being reminded of that fateful day last April.  While it was obviously so devastating to remind ourselves of those who were injured and those whom we lost- it was also uplifting to take a look through all the letters & signs and be reminded of how literally the entire world rallied around Boston during our time of need.

In a world where a lot of horrible things seem to be happening more & more frequently, it’s really nice & humbling to be reminded that while there are still a lot assholes out there- they are vastly outnumbered by compassionate, courageous, and kind folk.

If last year taught me anything, it can be summed up in the MLK quote above. Light always overpowers darkness & Love always overpowers hate.  No matter how much hatrid is spewed out, it will always be met and eventually overcome with 10x the love & compassion.

Boston Strong 

Yesterday, the town of Canton dedicated a recreational field at one of the elementary schools to my uncle Billy.  It was such a special day for my entire family- but especially to him & my aunt Rose.

Billy worked for the town for over 25 years- until he was diagnosed with ALS last spring.  While the diagnosis itself & the progression of the disease has been nothing short of devastating, it has been so uplifting the way the Canton community has rallied around my family, especially my aunt and uncle.  There is for sure something to be said about the community in a small hometown- it’s unreal.

I’m so very happy that I was able to be a part of such a special day- and so honored & excited for when I have a family of my own and I will get to watch my children play on a field named after my amazing uncle.

P.S. Peep the awesome cake the Blue Hills Regional High School culinary school made for the ceremony.  It never ceases to amaze me how talented some people are!

Awkward, Party of One

Yesterday evening, as I was getting ready for the gym in my office- my contacts ripped in my eyes, ouch.  I should have taken that as a sign that last night’s workout wasn’t really in the cards for me- but I had just bought new spin shoes & I already signed up for class with it being too late to cancel so I decided I would man up and try to get through the class essentially blind.

The spin shoes that I bought didn’t come with the clips, so I had to buy those from amazon and screw them in.  No big deal, easy enough- right?

So I arrived to my 5:30 spin class and walk in, literally almost blind- squinting like a complete moron.  The nice people at the front desk ask me if I want to rent shoes.  "Nope!  I finally got a pair of my own!" I told them, as I had them double check that I had purchased the right clips for the bottom.

I put my crap in the locker, put on my new shoes, and made my way to my bike giving unintentional stink eye to probably everyone I encountered since I am essentially blind and squinting like an asshole.  My shoes clipped in easy enough & the lights went off & the music starting blasting & I thought to myself, oh not being able to see isn’t too bad- I’m glad I came.


Cut to 15 minutes later, while we are “climbing” a monster hill swaying back and forth on the bike.  Apparently, screwing the clips to the bottom of my shoes really wasn’t easy enough- because oh man, it’s about to get ugly.  I guess I didn’t screw them in tight enough because while tacking the resistance, moving left and right to get through it- my fucking right shoe unscrewed from the clips which are clipped into the bike and I go tumbling over- taking the bike with me because my left foot is still completely clipped in.

When I say this was a massive spectacle, that’s an understatement.  The thud was so loud when I fell, everyone in the room probably thought I died- and then of course I have the god damn bike that I took with me on top of me as well.  The poor instructor leapt off of her bike immediately to help me while everyone else just sort of looked at me with what I can assume was pity (I’m not certain though because remember, I’m still blind with no contacts in).  

It probably took about three minutes to get me completely unclipped and the bike back upright, but it felt like a million years.  I legitimately wanted to die.  Everyone who works at the studio was super nice about it- and they even convinced me to get back on the bike and finish out the class, but obviously the second I left the studio I ordered myself a big ass pizza and stuffed my face to ease the shame and embarrassment.

So if you’re counting, this is the second time within a month that I had some ridiculously embarrassing & awkward exercise related event (event #1).  I’m starting to wonder if there is a higher being trying to tell me something.


Happy National Siblings Day!
…and duh, of course I included my two furry brothers (RIP Willie).

Happy National Siblings Day!

…and duh, of course I included my two furry brothers (RIP Willie).


To anyone who read my last post & responded about the storage bins, thanks!

I went to Wal-Mart on my lunch and I found big 18 gallon plastic storage bins for $6 a piece!  They have a bunch of different colors too.  So if any of you are in the need for some- head there ASAP :)

Thursday Things
  • Although the weather hasn’t really transitioned entirely to spring, this weekend I am doing the official closet switch over.  I am so sick of all things to do with winter.
  • This morning I had two cookies for breakfast.  So healthy, right?
  • We are hosting Easter next weekend & I am really excited.  I am also sort of getting a little bit overwhelmed with trying to figure out all the things that I need to do for it.  I ordered an “Easter Meal” from Roche Brothers so I’m fine with the main course & dessert- I just need to figure out what to do for apps & drinks.
  • Speaking of the closet switch over, I need to get a few big, plastic bins to store my out of season clothes in the attic (instead of the clusterfuck also known as my guest room).  I don’t really feel like dealing with the Container Store (and $$$)- can I can something like that at Wal-Mart or Target?  Anyone have any idea?
  • Bathing suit shopping sucks so hard.  I ordered a few suits from VS and Free People yesterday, I am terrified for them to arrive but praying at least one of them will be a keeper!
  • Related, Julie's Bachelorette in Vegas in 3 weeks :)
  • The Boston marathon is only 10 days away.  If I have time, I want to try to make a sign to cheer on all the awesome runners!  Does anyone have any clever ideas for me or any signs they have seen that made them laugh?  Creativity is not my strong suit.
  • Unpopular opinion: I love Throwback Thursday.  I think it’s so fun to see pictures of everyone when they are younger.
  • This Sunday they are dedicating a field to my uncle who was diagnosed with ALS 9 months ago.  Mother nature is on our side, it’s supposed to be 65 and sunny!  I am so excited for him & just for the day in general!  Our town has really rallied behind my aunt & uncle during this devastating time- and it’s so wonderful to see that there really are still so many good people out there.
  • They haven’t started yet- but shoot me in the face if I even complain one bit about my spring allergies this year.  Allergies be damned, I need the nice weather and I needed it yesterday!

Happy Almost Friday!!

It’s a special sort of torture

when you are listening to the Les Mis Pandora station

…and the Epilogue comes on two times in a row (different cast versions).

I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.
Roald Dahl (via champagne-taste-beer-budget)
Who is your favorite Real Housewife?

Weekend wrap up

Friday: Came home from work and started to hang up my stairway gallery wall.  Due to the abundance of “double hook” frames, it was much more frustrating than I initially anticipated- so after hanging up half, I retreated to the couch to eat pizza and catch up on DVR for the remainder of the night.

Saturday:  We were lucky enough to have tickets to the 1 o’clock Bruin’s game.  We took the train in town and made it to the Garden, met our friends, and headed in.  The game was great with the Bruins pulling out a win.  After, we headed to the North Star for a late lunch and then to Clarke’s in Faneuil to watch the basketball games.  After the UConn game, we headed home for a few more drinks & some pizza.

Sunday:  While Kevin slept in, I tackled some house work that I neglected during the week.  We picked up some Town Spa and dived right into season one of How I Met Your Mother (always late to the party!).  Trying to take advantage of the nice weather (55 and sunny!), I snuck a walk in with my mom to break up the episodes.  We literally watched the entire first season and even watched two episodes of the second.  I really like it but I must say, Ted Mosby is probably the most annoying character ever.  Does he get any better?

This weekend was the perfect balance of on the go & relaxation.  My only complaint is that it went by too fast- but isn’t that always the case?

Happy Monday!