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“And I just want to tell you, at some point it doesn’t matter who was right and who was wrong. At some point, being angry is just another bad habit, like smoking, and you keep poisoning yourself without thinking about it.” 

― Jonathan TropperThis is Where I Leave You

Crowd Sourcing :)

I am currently in the market for a heart-rate monitor.  

I don’t need anything too high tech or fancy, I just want it so that I can gain a little more insight into how much I am burning at spinning class & when I run (& how much realistically I can treat myself after said workouts).  I sort of think that right now I am overestimating how many calories I am burning which sort of negates the point of working out…

I don’t really know too much about these things & none of my good friends have any experience with them either- so I was hoping that you fitness guru’s could help me out.  I’m assuming I need a pretty basic model- all that I want it to do is be easy to use, be normal sized, and for it let me know how many calories I burned at the end of my workout.

So Tumblr, if you could help me out (again!) I would be forever in your debt :)  What heart-rate monitor should I get?

at the beach, life is different. time doesn’t move hour to hour, but mood to moment. we live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.

Seeing this on my dash made me all the more excited for my upcoming family beach weekend.  :)  4 more days!

at the beach, life is different. time doesn’t move hour to hour, but mood to moment. we live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.

Seeing this on my dash made me all the more excited for my upcoming family beach weekend.  :)  4 more days!

I’m losing my damn mind.

I just almost sent 50+ unendorsed checks to the bank to be deposited.

This week, amirite?  TGI-freaking-F!

Friday Things
  •  A lot of the things that I received as birthday gifts & purchased earlier this season are now on sale.  If you are in the market for some cute summer clothing- check these things out :)  You’re welcome.
  • This weekend is going to be rather low key & I’m happy about that.  On the docket:  Dinner date (Mexican!) with Ryan & Court, Ava’s Baptism, & spending Sunday soaking up some rays by my aunt’s pool.
  • After seeing an article earlier this week about the positive effects of drinking at least 3 liters of water a day, I have significantly upped my water in take.  This results in me literally going to the bathroom like 10 times a day at work.  It’s sort of annoying but I hope that the pros will outweigh the cons!  [I read this on someone’s blog but for the life of me can’t remember who!  If it was you, let me know and I will properly link you!]
  • My coworker is out for a few weeks which means I have the responsibility of doing her job as well as my own.  It for sure keeps me super busy, but it’s not really ideal for the middle of the summer & planning beach days.  Womp, womp.
  • Uplifting Friday story:  My sister’s friend found an abandoned, wounded dog outside of her work.  She took the adorable pup to the vet and found out that the dog had been hit by a car & needed some extensive surgery for her leg.  My sister’s friend was more than willing to foster the dog and nurse her back to health, but unfortunately she didn’t have the funds to fiance the thousands of dollars of vet bills that this pup will ultimately rack up (who does?!).  She started a GoFundMe to see if anyone was willing to help- she reached her goal to cover all the bills in less than 48 hours thanks to so many different peoples generosity.  The pup is going to be fine! :)
It’s official!

After a lot of phone calls back and forth this AM, our airfare and hotels are now 100% officially booked.

Kevin and I are making our first tip to CHICAGO over Labor Day weekend!!

Friday night we fly in late after work and are just staying at a Marriott in the airport (thanks Marriott credit card points!) but on Saturday & Sunday we are staying on the Magnificent Mile (Fairfield Inn to be exact!).  After doing loads of research, the general consensus seemed to think this was the place to be- I’ve been warned touristy, but hey we are tourists!

So now I ask for your help, Tumblr- Where should we eat? drink? What do we absolutely have to do? see?

Is there anything worse than…

…googling someone you sort of know, finding their Linked In, & clicking on it- only to discover that you forgot to log out of your Linked In account?

Meaning, the person will get a notification that you are creeping on them.

Only because it's tumblr and you're amazing do I feel free to ask this, but do you mind sharing where your dress is from that you wore to that wedding? It looks great!! And so do you. :) Thank you.

Hi Anon!

Of course I don’t mind sharing!  I got the dress from Anthropologie.  I just went to search for it & found that it’s on super duper sale right now- so if you are a size 8 or a 10, you are one lucky gal!

Thanks so much for your kind words & I hope that this helps :)


On Saturday all of my best friends from college traveled to Boston from all over the northeast to celebrate our dear friend Lloyd’s wedding- & it was impeccable.

I seriously had the best time ever.  Everything was awesome- the exquisite venue (best view of the city!), the beautiful weather, the delicious food, the nonstop flow of beverages, the amazing company & most importantly, the gorgeous bride & groom.  It was literally the perfect evening.

As we get older & busier, get together’s that include all of my college friends are really far and few between- so realizing that made this weekend so much more special.  I don’t think the smile left my face all day.

My heart is very full.

A huge congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd!  I love you both very much!

Today Kevin & I ordered two large cheese pizzas from Pizzeria Regina

…which incase you are counting- equates to one large cheese pizza per person.

This afternoon has been spent watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC family, grazing on pizza, and drinking soda straight from the 2 liter bottle- with zero plans on moving until it’s time to go upstairs to sleep.

Living our best life.


Friday +/-

- I thought yesterday was Friday, so there is that.  (as one of my friends graciously pointed out, yes I am aware this happens to me FAR too often.  ooops!)

+ I woke up this AM without an alarm and I was surprisingly alert & ready to go which led to me arriving at work over an hour early where I was able to crank a bunch of shit out uninterrupted.

- It’s 12:30 and I have already been at work for six and a half hours.

+/- I haven’t washed my hair in like four days so my ponytail has absolutely zero whispys in my face but I guess that makes me sort of gross too, oops

+ I ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad for a delivery lunch

- I am eating said lunch at my desk while doing work

- The place I ordered from stopped making homemade croutons.  Store bought just aren’t cutting it when I know how unreal the alternative is.

+ I am leaving work at 3:30 to hang out with Erin

+++++ Tomorrow I am reuniting with all of my college friends to celebrate Lloyd and Colleen’s wedding in Boston

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope everyone has as great of a weekend as I am expecting to have :)

This makes my heart swell.  Nothing makes me happier than Harry Potter :)

Spirit Animal

So I finished How I Met Your Mother…

After one full month of insane binge watching, I finished all 9 seasons of HIMYM.

Suffice to say, I’m really fucking depressed today. (Pardon my french- but that is the only way to accurately express HOW sad I really am)

Obviously I’m super duper late to the party- but I have so many feelings about the finale and just the series in general. (Do I still tag for spoilers when it’s been like three months?  If so, SPOILERS AHEAD)

  • I am literally ob-freaking-sessed with Barney and Robin.  Like, they are my favorite ever and the fact that they broke up pisses me off so bad and thinking about it makes me cry.  I obviously knew what was going to happen in the finale because of all the internet chatter back in March- so for the last few episodes, I was honestly sobbing uncontrollably whenever they had a cute moment because I was so depressed about what was to come.  I know I exaggerate a lot- but this is not one of those times, literally sobbing for 2 hours straight through the final 5 episodes.
  • On the flip side, I hate Ted and Robin together.  Like hate with the fire of a thousands suns.  I think they are terrible together and I think that 9 seasons showed us that over & over again.
  • Speaking of Ted- you guys were all right, he grew on me.  I started off literally despising him (Kevin almost quit watching the show all together because he found him so unbearable)- but by the end & once we finally met the Mother, I was happy that he found his perfect match.  And by perfect match, I obviously mean the mother, not Robin.
  • I hope that some day Kevin & I can be as cute and awesome as Marshall and Lilly.  They are the best.

This was the first series that I have ever binged on Netflix that is completely done.  Usually I binge the first 4 or 5 seasons and then start watching with everyone else (ex. Breaking Bad, The Good Wife, The Office, etc.).  In my opinion, that is the way to go- because when it’s time to say goodbye to the show, it’s easier because you are used to watching on a weekly basis.

As I said above, I was really, really sad yesterday when I finished up the series.  Like almost as sad as I was when I finished Harry Potter… okay, maybe that’s an overstatement, but close!!  Watching all of the episodes in such a close succession really made me feel as if I was friends with the characters (yeah, I realize this is a bit wacky)- I think that’s why I was so sad when it ended on the note it did.

Believe me, I realize that life really fucking sucks some times- this year has been pretty terrible for me.  And yes, maybe the finale was trying to show real life- marriages often end in divorce, people die too young, friendships fade as you get older.  And I get that- but I experience way too much of that in my every day life & when I sit down and watch a sitcom, that’s not what I want to see.  I wanted to see happy endings for the characters that I invested so much time in- yes it might not be realistic, but that’s why it’s a TV show… and I really wish that they gave us that.

But all in all, awesome show & if you are one of the few people on the planet who hasn’t seen it yet (as I was one short month ago!)- I highly recommend starting :)

I guess I already think I’m on Holiday…

I just went to foot (recheck I added them correctly for those cool, nonaccountants) a bunch of checks- & instead of typing out the amounts from each check, I typed in the CHECK NUMBERS and added them all up.

Once I got my total, I started freaking out about the fact that I was like THOUSANDS off of my initial total and it hand to god took me at least five minutes to figure out why.

This is why we should not work the day before the 4th of July.