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Some (blurry) shots from Patrick & Sree’s wedding in Sarasota.

(Note: I guess the flash on my camera decided not to show up to their reception)

After San Diego we made a quick 24 hour stop back in MA to log some hours in at work before heading right back to the Jet Blue terminal at Logan- this time with the destination of Florida.  Even though we were only in Florida for a quick 48 hours, it was an awesome time.  

Friday night we stayed in Tampa and caught up with my sister Kim and her boyfriend, [also named] Kevin.  Bright and early Saturday we made the trip down to Sarasota and spent the day sipping cocktails by the pool before getting ready for the main event!

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous.  Both the ceremony and reception took place at a mansion located right on the water.  The views were absolutely breath-taking, I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to get married.  Both the bride and groom looked fabulous and so, so happy- everything went off without a hitch and a great time was had by all! :)

Disclaimer: I swear to god I did not show up to someones wedding looking to way I do in the pictures.  The entire wedding and reception were outside and boy was it HOT.  By the time I got on the bus to head back to the hotel I looked as though I had jumped in the Atlantic fully clothed, but nope, it was just sweat. Hey, I’m not complaining though- sweating out the alcohol calories by doing nothing but dancing and drinking more, that’s my kind of weight loss regime!

A huge congrats to my cousin Patrick and his beautiful wife Sree!  Thanks for including us on your special day!

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